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Computer Analysis

The Gascoigne Melotte GM3000win is a top of the range optional component for record keeping and data collection. The highly featured GM3000 system works with the Cow Identification system and MR2000 to provide:

  • Unique integration from mild yield with conductivity per quarter, individual feeding, cow calendar with activity measurement and list generator.
  • Automatic feed calculation on the basis of the herd’s milk yield data or entered milk yield test data.
  • Analyses per cow, per group or per herd.
  • Special graphs for milk yield, feed intake, cow activity, conductivity.

Cow Identification System

The Cow Identification ear and neck transponder system can be used to track cow traffic, activate selection gates, and identify each cow for milk yield data collection and calculate feeding allocations.

While ideally suited for use with the GM3000 suite of components, the full system is not required for specific cow selection which can be identified for selection gates simply by manually attaching a transponder tag to a particular animal.

Identification and Selection

  • Operation via the Parlour Star display or GM3000
  • Recognition through ear or neck transponder
  • Automatic selection through GM3000
  • Separation over multiple areas possible.

Electronic Milk Meters

MilkTech supplies and fits two main types of milk meters by Boumatic Gascoigne Melotte, with different options to meet your requirements:-

MR2000/Boumatic Smart Dairy

The MR 2000 Milk Meter is ICAR (International Committee for Animal Recording) approved and will give a high level of accuracy at high capacity. The Milk Meter will control the ACR (Automatic Cluster Remover) and will measure per quarter conductivity.

The MR 2000 Milk Meter is always connected to a control panel which gives a digital milk yield with additional functions:-

  • Auto-start by lifting cluster
  • Cow Identification
  • Visual display and registration to computer system
  • Changing and controlling cow calendar functions and health code
  • Health and warning displays
  • Cow selection for milk segregation.

The Boumatic Gascoigne Melotte milk meter system can be connected to the GM3000win for:-

  • Individual feeding per yield
  • Cow calendar
  • Analysis per cow
  • Cow health status warnings

Gascoigne Melotte GM Pulsameter

  • ICAR Approved milk meter
  • Unique working principle eliminate presence of electronics
  • Low maintenance

Milk Yield Indicators

As a more cost effective alternative to the milk meters, MilkTech can also supply and fit the popular option of a Gascoigne Melotte Milk Yield Indicator to measure milk levels.

GMi+ Milk Yield Indicator with ACR (Automatic Cluster Removal)

The GMi+ has all the features of the cluster remover but has the added feature of a digital display of cow yield. Although the indicator is not ICAR (International Committee for Animal Recording) approved, it delivers very accurate milk yield measurements without the requirement of a big measuring chamber. Less water is required to wash the indicator and pulsation can be controlled by the indicator providing individual pulsation.

The unit features:-

  • Digital display of milk yield and milk time per stand
  • Control of Automatic Cluster Removers (ACR)
  • Auto-start by lifting the cluster (no push button)
  • Adjustable take-off level.

Air Purge System

Make long term savings by collecting milk normally lost in the washing process, and install an air purge system to your delivery line. The system is made up of a stainless steel non-return valve fitted after the milk pump which purges the last of the milk in the delivery line into the bulk tank by using compressed air. The air is filtered through a food-grade filtering system.