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Electro-Pneumatic Feeders

The Electro-Pneumatic feeding systems supplied and fitted by MilkTech are the top of the range, and provide full control for the dairy farm operator over feed levels dispensed. A control pad enables the operator to program and calculate feeding amounts, and also individually control all the feeders on an installation. Optional automatic feeding is available by working with the GM3000 Cow Identification system to control feed levels to selected cows. Available as an in-parlour or out-of-parlour option.

Electric Feeders

MilkTech can also supply and fit electric feeding systems, a cost effective alternative to electro-pneumatic that efficiently dispenses a set feed level but requires the GM3000 Cow Identification system transponder tags in order to operate. All of our systems feature stainless steel feeders and are available as an in-parlour or out-of-parlour option.

Compressed Air Feeders

For a basic batch feed set up with manual top up, a simpler compressed air feeding system is available from MilkTech, and provides a robust, simple and economical option to the dairy farm manager. Available as an in-parlour or out-of-parlour option.

Feeding Augers

To transport dry feed to the dairy parlour from a silo away from the building, MilkTech can supply and fit over-ground feeding augers to deliver the feed to the automatic parlour feeding system. The feeding auger is a 90mm duct pipe with a coiled spring auger inside that can drive feed over long distances.

Hydraulic Scrapers

To keep the slats of the cattle house clean and free of waste, Milktech favours the reliability of hydraulic scraper systems over rope, wire or chain driven alternatives. The hydraulically operated scraper means fewer moveable parts, lower maintenance and a reduced risk of breakdown.

Scrapers can be configured to run on a timed cycle that passes over every one/two/four hours. Removing the waste regularly helps prevent the spread of mastitis and disease, and can be very labour intensive when approached manually.

The scraper moves in steps at low speed, to prevent stress on the herd and animals can easily step away of over the scraper as it passes. The system is operated by a very simple user friendly control box. Each scraper has its own timer and switch. It can be programmed to run individually or as one sequence, and should a cow become immobilised in front of a scraper it will automatically switch off without affecting other scrapers on the system.