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Compressed Air Gates

MilkTech offers two types of entry/exit air gates, compressed air guillotine gates and compressed air pushover gates.

Compressed air guillotine gates move vertically straight up and down, which is a simple and safe option ensuring the animal cannot get caught or trapped in the swing, and takes up less room in the parlour layout.

Compressed air pushover gates allow the cow traffic to pass through the parlour quickly and easily, and make it easier to separate the cows as required.

Both types are elctronically controlled, but can also be closed or opened manually from any place within the operators pit by means of a push-pull rod system down the pit.

Selection Gates

Automate your parlour and reduce man hours with Cow Identification or manual section gates. The Boumatic Gascoigne Melotte cow selection gate comes with a two-way stand-alone or three-way GM3000 connected option which allows the farmer to select a cow from the operators pit without ever leaving it.

There is no longer any need to look for help when separating cows in heat or sick cow, or selecting stock to be sold, by making the process a one man job.

Automatic Baling

For greater control in the handling of individual cows in the parlour, MilkTech can supply and fit automatic baling systems suitable for your parlour layout. Ensure the operator’s safety and the safety of the cow without causing stress to the animal. Available in manual or compressed air options.