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As well as supplying, fitting and servicing the standard GMB Clawpiece, MilkTech is also able to offer lighter and more advanced technology from Boumatic Gascoigne Melotte to deliver faster and easier milking with less stress on the cow.

Boumatic Flow Star Max

  • Lightest claw on the market (350g)
  • Totally Transparent
  • Moulded resin claw, stronger than steel
  • Stable vacuum, will not flood
  • Reduced slippage and faster milking

Gascoigne Melotte Isolac 400 Clawpiece

  • Large capacity (400g)
  • Robust design
  • Lower cost
  • Stable vacuum
  • Available in shut-off or ACR (Automatic Cluster Remover) type

Milk Pumps & Receivers

To drive the milk to the bulk tank, MilkTech can supply and fit both Diaphragm and Electric milk pumps to your dairy parlour set up. Diaphragm pumps are most suitable below 8 units, but more stalls would require a quicker electric impeller pump with the additional option of a more efficient variable speed motor, which provides long term energy savings as the pump is only powered as required.

Vacuum Pumps

To provide a high and stable vacuum level for milking, MilkTech can supply and fit both wet and dry vacuum pumps in either single phase fixed speed or three phase variable speed set ups.
Wet systems mostly use standard vane pumps with oil, where more expensive Dry impeller type units are made up of a vacuum pump with a motor and base, and also offer the option of diverting warm air back into the main parlour.

Vacuum pumps can be driven by standard direct drive motors or by variable speed drive units, for both wet and dry systems, which only generate the vacuum required and save money on energy cost after the initial investment.

ISO Vacuum Pump (Wet)

  • Solid and Compact construction
  • Available up to 3500L/min
  • Separates the oil and air mixture
  • Standard with noise reducer

LactiVac Vacuum Pump (Dry)

  • 25-30% lower energy consumption
  • Dry pump does not require machine room
  • No wear design
  • Low maintenance

Air Star Vacuum Pump (Dry)

  • Non Polluting
  • Economical
  • Long life pumps
  • High and stable vacuum level
  • Reliable

Automatic Cluster Removers

MilkTech recommends an Automatic Cluster Remover (ACR) system as a must-have piece of kit. The system automatically disconnects the cluster when the cow has finished milking, which prevents over-milking and reduces stress to the cow. The automatic nature of the cluster remover allows larger scale dairy parlours to be operated by a single person.

The Isolator xp is the most reliable cluster remover on the market, and features:-

  • Auto-start by lifting cluster
  • Automatic kick off detection with vacuum shut off
  • Adjustable pulsation parameters
  • Adjustable stimulation setting

Electronic Pulsation

To control the rate of vacuum pulse for milking, MilkTech can supply and fit both 2x2 Alternate and 4x0 Simultaneous pulsation units.

The Gascoigne Melotte Pulsation system comes in two options, 4x0 Simultaneous pulsation or 2x2 Alternate pulsation. Both Lectron pulsation systems are operated by a control system Lectron 312 or 612, which are powered by independent transformers. All the systems have a fresh air filter which prevents any dirt or debris stopping the relay.

Lectron TL Electronic Pulsation Relay

  • Can operate one or two clusters
  • Waterproof
  • Can be mounted on low or high line
  • Can be installed with clean air line