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2ft 6inch 50°

The MilkTech Irish stallwork is mostly divided for the standard 2ft 6 inch machine with galvanised mangers and stainless steel troughs. The herring-bone layout does not use baling to control the cows, which makes it easier to put on clusters, and speeds up the entry and exit of cows from the parlour. The system is cheaper and simpler, and has proved better for the operator. The MilkTech stalls are fully galvanised hot dipped, factory made and bolted together on site, with a cross over for every unit. Galvanised pit kerb is also available, which is folded and ready to install. Galvanised parlour drainage is available to help the efficient removal of soiled water.

2ft 3inch 90°

The Boumatic Xcaliber 90LX parallel stall system provides more room for ribs and hips, and means that you can have more cows in a smaller space. Greater control over the animals is provided by the sequential baling system which gives each cow her own individual standing, and allows faster exiting as the cows can walk out two abreast.

Rotary Parlours

For a top level setup, MilkTech can provide a rotary parlour system for larger herds. Rotary parlour setups can either be internally or externally operated, with the advantage that internally operated decks can be managed by a single person. The system is efficient and high speed, which allows one operator to milk up to 250 cows per hour.

The main deck is built for 32 units, but for smaller dairy parlours it is possible to start with an initial 26 units and expand later if required.