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Teat Spray Units

To reduce cross contamination and SCC (Somatic Cell Count) levels, MilkTech recommends the use of quality teat spray units. These units are used to spray an antibacterial chemical to clean the teat pre-milking, or to close and seal the teat after milking preventing bacteria and flies from entering the teat. Teat spraying is commonly used and can help prevent mastitis. For larger herds, automatic teat sprayers may be used which are powered by compressed air, and teats are sprayed exiting the parlour or rotary deck.

Cluster Flush Systems

MilkTech can add cluster flush systems to any milking machine to wash the cluster after milking, and is the most effective way of sanitising the milking unit. This optional investment will help to reduce cross contamination and SCC (Somatic Cell Count) levels, and prevent contagious mastitis spreading between cows.

Isojet Wash System

The Isojet foldaway Jetter system has a unique design which enables cluster washing to be done just by sitting the cluster on top of the jetter. The jetter is self-draining and almost maintenance-free. The Isojet system is also available in a fold-up and down option, which makes mounting the cluster for washing much easier.

Aquastar Water Management System

Make life easier and save time spent in parlour with the AquaStar automatic milking machine washer. Reduce your TBC (Total Bacterial Count) levels with our own unique boiler system providing 85°C water.

  • Environmentally-friendly wash system - programmable to suit each dairy farm
  • Possibility of recycling all wash water
  • Adjustable times and volume of water per wash cycle
  • Automatic dosing of chemicals
  • Automatic timer to use night rate power supply.

Volume Washers & Pressure Washers

Wash down your parlour with ease with our high volume pressure washers and pumps. The volume washer system is a pressurised water system supplied to the parlour, which provides instant cleaning during milking keeping the pit area more hygienic. As they have their own pressure pump, volume washer systems can also be connected to a rainwater collection reservoir for the more efficient use of water.

Target more localised areas with portable heavy duty pressure washers supplied by MilkTech, a more economical option for parlour cleaning, which uses less water but maintains hygiene and helps to reduces cross contamination and prevent disease.